Worship Service

Live Broadcast

Sunday at 9:30am EDT

Tips for Attending Church Online

  • GET OUT OF BED AND GET DRESSED - it will put you in the right mindset for worship
  • GO THROUGH YOUR NORMAL SUNDAY ROUTINE - minus the "hurry up, we're late" part
  • GATHER TOGETHER AS A FAMILY - no multi-tasking; worship is a family activity
  • IF POSSIBLE, STREAM TO YOUR LARGEST SCREEN - it will help you to feel like you are really "there"
  • IF POSSIBLE, USE BLUETOOTH SPEAKERS (OR OTHER SPEAKERS PLUGGED INTO YOUR DEVICE) - this will also help you to feel like you are really "there" and will help you to sing out loud and proud
  • PREPARE FOR WORSHIP - get the stream loaded and ready early, print sermon notes or anything else you might need for worship, and take time to prepare your heart
  • PARTICIPATE IN THE SERVICE - connect with others in the chatroom, sing along loud and proud, clap, lift your hands in worship, pray, say "amen", make your home a sanctuary

* If you're inhibited from participating in the chat because you're streaming the service to a larger screen in full-screen mode, consider using a second device to participate in the chat while you are watching the service on the larger screen.
* Chatroom opens at 9am EDT

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